Layer 8 Security Awareness for Start-Ups and Small Businesses


“Hackers won’t bother with us, they only go after the big brands like TalkTalk or Ashley Madison”

Not so! Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting start-ups and small businesses in their efforts to steal customer data, hold websites to ransom, and gain access to global brands via their smaller suppliers.

Research by the internet security firm Symantec shows that over 2016, 43% of UK attacks were targeted at small firms, in the form of phishing attacks, ransomware, malware downloads and viruses.

People are now the preferred mode of attack for hackers. Why? Because it’s human nature to be helpful and accommodating, and hackers play on this vulnerability.1 minute security reminder

Phishing, ransomware and social engineering attacks can be spotted and stopped in their tracks if people know what they’re looking for, and understand how important it is to proactively defend the business assets.

“The reality of more small businesses coming online is that they are now being seen as a real opportunity by the bad guys.”

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